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Feather Edge/Close board Fencing

Close Board Fencing is renowned for its strength and versatility without sacrificing its appearance and is available in various heights of 3 ft, 4 ft, 5 ft and 6 ft finishes. Close board fencing can be erected using timber posts or concrete recessed posts, both cast in                  Concrete foundations.

Concrete Slotted Posts Wisbech

Panel Fencing

Panel fencing can come in various different designs including traditional and close board. Available in all heights from 4 ft to 6 ft. These panels can be erected with treated timber posts or                                                         concrete slotted post, both cast in concrete. 

Post and Rail

Post and rail fencing is an attractive and traditional style of fencing that has been a staple view in the rural communities of the English countryside. this fencing is most commonly used around paddocks, but would make a fantastic addition to any home with                                                its  contemporary design.  

Palisad Fencing Wisbech


Palisade fencing is widely used throughout the UK within commercial premises because of its fantastic security attributes. with a choice of pale designs, there is sure to be a type to suit everyone needs. As well as metal construction, palisade fencing is                                                                            available in a timber alternative for domestic homes. 

"V" Mesh Fencing Systems

CV Fencing & Landscaping LTD can offer a range of "V" Mesh Systems to suit all area either commercial or domestic. This system also offers a range of gates from 1.2m Wide to 3.0m.